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Wire And Cable Broken Core Is How To Find
- Apr 06, 2017 -

The core of the cable is an important part of the cable, we through the core of the cable to pass information, if the cable is broken core, will bring a lot of trouble and danger, how shall we check that if the cable is broken core, one might say with a multimeter, but if it is a big project, can't also using a multimeter?So what should we find it, don't worry,Welding cableCompany to introduce three methods.
A: electric capacitance method
Some cable factory in this respect, the practice is usually use capacity comparison method to find the approximate location of a bolt.With continuous electricity to accurate cable wire break points, the efficiency of this approach is very low.Generally find a break point to one and a half hour or so.This method of shielding, armored, flame retardant cable sheath process has been completed, it is almost impossible to find broken core, made bad words also can make the flame retardant cable scrap.This method basically have no now.
2: capacitive and inductive method:
This method is to use the core broken core, which requires no cable core coated metal layer and no package sheath.When find with capacitance first find out the cable bolt general location, and then use break point induced voltage method in accurate search, this method is very simple and quick, also is one of the most used method.Induced voltage is in the break of the cable core at one end of the 650 v ac voltage, the other end and other core grounding, then use can be sent to optical signal induction pen test, test when the pens from the broken core slide out of fashion, the signal change, so that we can accurately find the cable break point.
3: constant current source and a bridge method
This method is used to complete the cable or already coated metal layer of the cable core.Use is to find methods of constant current source is used first flame retardant cable core insulation burn, breakdown, and then use a bridge method fault locator precise locating the fault point, often use a method.

Wire and cable broken core is how to find