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Two Simple Ways To Identify Cable Is Good Or Bad
- Apr 06, 2017 -
Each one of us can't all do know everything, sometimes we go shopping just want to find a connoisseur to go with us, but life is limited, not necessarily can find that every time a person, sometimes we will try, also blame the social competition is so big, with a lot of false and inferior product, so how to let oneself don't fall for it, such as we buy wire and cable, weWelding cableThe company today bring you two very simple and very effective way to let you to discern the stand or fall.
The first is the wire was outside material;Standard of 80 degrees and 105 degrees of heat-resistant wires are generally adopt semi-rigid PVC sheathed (except for special line), the surface is bright and clean, soft hard moderate, with toughness, flexural fold (there should be no crack after a 90 - degree bend), outer spine nose smells faint;Conversely, made of two or three times in the material outside the wire was, on the surface of gray with bubbles and poor toughness without bending fold (there will be a 90 - degree bend after everything is nothing crack), outside be thorn nose smell is strong.
The second is the conductor wire color and texture;More commonly used standard copper conductor strands of bare copper or tinned copper wire, surface colour and lustre is bright (dark bright copper), toughness good not broken, small conductor resistance (with 2 * 0.5 mm square sheath line as an example, the resistance per km is not more than 39 ohm);Instead of copper clad aluminum conductor gray color, easy to break (with lighters burning fuse), resistance with copper conductors are difficult to distinguish.Conductor of copper clad steel flash yellow golden color and high toughness (fire is not easy to burn out with the lighter point), conductor resistance.Copper conductor color is grey iron brassy, toughness is poor, easy to break, conductor resistance.Copper conductor color gray mud, poor toughness, easy to break (fire to the powder with the lighter point drop), conductor resistance is not stable.