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The Role Of Booster Cable Shield - Emerald Booster Cable
- Nov 01, 2017 -

The outermost layer of the booster cable is generally rubber or rubber synthetic sets, the role of this layer is insulated, but also from the protection of the booster cable from the role of injury.

If the booster cable is high pressure or low voltage booster cable, if it is high pressure, there will be a layer of similar resin filler, which is the role of insulation, in high-voltage booster cable, this layer is the most important part of insulation. Low pressure does not have this layer of things.Then there will be wrapped around some of the same ribbon, this is to fix the booster cable each core, the middle of the gap filled.

As for the shielding layer, in two cases, the role of power booster cable shielding layer are:

1, because the power booster cable through the current is relatively large, the current will produce a magnetic field around, in order not to affect other components, so the shielding layer can shield the electromagnetic field in the booster cable.

2, can play a certain role in grounding protection, if the booster cable core damage occurred, the leakage of current can follow the shield flow, such as grounding network, play a role in security protection.

If the control booster cable, no other difference, only in many places, especially the computer system control booster cable, where the shield is used to shield the external impact, because its own current is very weak, very afraid of the impact of the external electromagnetic field.  

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