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The Quality Of The Battery Cable Is The Most Difficult To Control The Four Indicators
- Aug 07, 2017 -

  The quality of the battery cable is the most difficult to control the four indicators

  First, the construction project tender in the lower than the reasonable cost of the phenomenon of the prevailing phenomenon;

  Second, the implementation of the main responsibility of the enterprise is not enough, some suppliers of production and supply of products there are jerry-building, fake, unqualified adultery, do not meet the protection of human health and personal property safety standards and other issues;

  Third, the construction of building materials to ensure that the system is not perfect, key projects in the building materials products approach for more supervision units, suppliers inspection, the lack of regulatory departments of the sampling session;

  Fourth, the departmental supervision has not yet fully formed together, the battery cable products from the production, circulation to the use of the site, by different departments responsible for supervision, regulatory decentralization, information exchange is not timely, collaborative investigation mechanism is not perfect.

  From the quality control aspects of the battery cable main substandard items include 20 ℃ DC resistance, insulation eccentricity, smoke density, bundled combustion test and other projects.

  Insulation eccentricity is an important indicator for medium and high voltage power cables. When the insulation thickness of the power cable is uneven and eccentric, the electric field distribution inside the insulating layer is no longer uniform and the deteriorated electric field will be concentrated at the thinner , battery cable The greater the insulation of the place to withstand the greater the intensity of the electric field, affecting the cable resistance to mechanical stress, chemical resistance and electrical performance, serious can lead to insulation breakdown.

  In addition, if the smoke density of the cable is unqualified, the corrosiveness of the acid gas in the smoke will cause corrosion to the surrounding electrical equipment in the event of a fire, resulting in serious "secondary hazard", resulting in huge losses and serious accidents.

  The battery cable in the major project is in a relatively confined space, the flame retardant and smoke density of these two projects failed, battery cable if the cable burning, will be a sharp consumption of oxygen, the smoke will make people lost the direction of escape, which is disaster Sex.