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The Installation Method Of The Booster Cables Release Pulley
- Jun 30, 2017 -

  The installation method of the booster cables release pulley:

  1. Install the booster cable release pulley with the hoop in the specified position on the concrete rod, fasten the hoop;

  2. The booster cables release pulley moved to the bottom of the concrete rod, and the booster cable pulley connected with the plate, so that four sections of the booster cable pulley connected into one;

  3. With the sling rope will be on the top of the booster cables pulley tied tied, the binding position from the end of the booster cable pulley pulley about 0.5 meters, the next booster cable pulley tied a control rope;

  4. The lower booster cable release pulley to both sides of the split into a zigzag, and then start the traction rope to boost the cable lift pulley gradually increased. booster cables When lifting at the beginning, special attention should be given to the prevention of twisting the booster cable and the connecting plate. Booster cable release pulley will be off the ground, you should slowly relax the lower section so that the natural sagging, do not hit each other;

  5. Connect the upper booster cable pulley and the hoop, booster cables and then operate the control rope to make the next booster cable release pulley, respectively, against the concrete rod, and the next hoop connected;

  6. Adjust the booster cable release pulley and tighten the bolts. booster cables After all the booster cable pulleys have been assembled, check and adjust the size of each section, fix the shaft and tighten all the bolts.