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The Booster Cable Consists Mainly Of The Following Four Parts
- Jun 15, 2017 -

  The booster cable consists mainly of the following four parts. ① conductive thread: with high conductivity materials (copper or aluminum) made. Depending on the requirements of the installation conditions for the softening of the booster cable, each thread may be twisted from a single wire or multiple wires.

  Insulation: Insulating materials used as supercharged cables should have high insulation resistance, high breakdown electric field strength, low dielectric loss and low dielectric constant. Pressure insulation cables commonly used in insulating materials are oil-impregnated paper, polyvinyl chloride, polyethylene, XLPE, rubber and so on. The pressurized cables are often classified as insulating materials, such as oil-impregnated insulating cables, PVC pressurized cables, XLPE pressurized cables, and the like.

  ③ sealing jacket: to protect the insulation thread from the mechanical, moisture, moisture, chemicals, light and other damage. For easy to moisture insulation, the general use of lead or aluminum extrusion seal jacket.

  ④ protective cover: to protect the seal from mechanical damage. Generally use galvanized steel strip, steel wire or copper belt, copper wire as armor wrapped around the jacket (called armored reinforced cable), armored layer at the same time from the electric field shielding and to prevent the role of external electromagnetic interference. In order to avoid the corrosion of steel, steel wire by the surrounding media, generally coated with them asphalt or wrapped around the jelly layer or extruded polyethylene, PVC sets.