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Teach You To Identify The Quality Of The Booster Cables
- Jun 30, 2017 -

  Teach you to identify the quality of the booster cables

  How to identify the internal quality of the booster cable:

  First, the use of high-quality copper cable The use of high purity oxygen-free copper, copper color bright, poor copper surface is more bleak.

  Second, the use of high quality plastic plastic plastic, bending performance is good, the cable will not bend the texture, poor recovery of plastic after bending a few times will appear obvious texture, bending after a few times after the fracture. - Cable equipment

  Third, the rice in the meters on the hands and feet may be more difficult to be found, because customers generally do not actually measure the number of meters of equipment, the same use of weight measurement method can know whether the cable is rice. Or let the factory production time printed on the rice is also a good way, but to note that the diameter of less than 5mm line is no way to mark the standard.

  Fourth, the foot of copper is a precious metal, if the loss in the copper diameter, you can reduce the cost of raw materials, so you need to use a micrometer to measure the diameter of copper wire. booster cables If there is no micrometer, then the simpler way is to take the whole coil wire to see if it is much lighter than the quality of the cable. Or you can refer to the factory given the nominal weight. Some factories give the nominal weight is low, naturally can not guarantee the quality of the product.

  5, accessories In order to ensure the round of the cable, for the multi-core cable will be added in the core of the filler, and in the thickness of the sheath to do relatively thick, booster cables if you get the hand of the cable is not round, Less, and the sheath is thin. - Cable equipment

  6, beam wire multi-strand copper wire in the production will be twisted wire to improve the copper core tensile properties, roundness, electrical performance and the degree of insulation with the insulation, but because the beam will increase the use of copper, So many factories omit this step, booster cables the resolution is to cut the cable core line to see if the copper wire inside the regular twisted together.

  Seven, weaving with copper mesh braid layer of the cable, woven layer accounted for a large part of the cost of cable raw materials, and the coverage of the braid, a direct impact on the electrical performance of the cable, while the tight weaving layer can increase the strength of the cable The cable reduces the electrical performance of the cable in the bent state. So look at whether the braid coverage is high, weaving uniform fine, is an important means of distinguishing between good and bad cable.