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Talk About The Characteristics Of Low Voltage Cable
- Apr 06, 2017 -

Wire and cable used to transmit electrical (magnetic) energy, information and electromagnetic energy conversion of wire products, the generalized wire and cable is also referred to as the cable. The type of cable more, today we talk about low-voltage cable in the practical process should have what characteristics, oil-resistant cable company to tell you.

⒈ laying of randomness is relatively large, the path is not very clear.

⒉ laying is not like high-pressure cable as a sand and brick after the deep buried, the opposite depth of shallow, vulnerable to external damage and failure.

⒊ cable is generally short, tens of meters to several hundred meters range, unlike high-voltage cables are often in a few hundred meters to a few kilometers.

⒋ insulation strength requirements are low, handling fault to do the joints, the process is relatively simple.

⒌ most of the cable at the point of failure have a very obvious burning damage phenomenon. The point of failure in the cable sheath does not leave traces of the situation, very rare.

⒍ with a large load changes, and often unbalanced, easy to heat, which caused the fault is more common.