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Reasons And Treatment Of Heating Of Booster Cables Joint
- Jun 30, 2017 -

  Reasons and Treatment of Heating of booster cables Joint

  Pressurized cable connector heat phenomenon, generally the first performance of the wire connector around the smell, you can smell, this is due to the heat of the wire to make it insulated layer of odor; Second, the wire connector smoke, red, outsourcing insulation Black, sparkling, or even broken. Wire joints will not only cause a lot of heat loss, and will seriously affect the normal work of electrical equipment, booster cables ranging from the line in the working current increases, shorten the life of electrical equipment, while the sudden will be interrupted in the production, research, medical Surgery and other activities, booster cables but also lead to fire and electric shock accidents, etc., resulting in incalculable losses.

  Some electrical installation construction personnel in the laying of the wire, often do not pay attention to the installation quality: should be used in the insulation casing is not installed; should be used in the junction box is not installed junction box; even in the wire connector is not using the twisting method , booster cables But the use of illegal hook-like connection method. This hook-like connection method of contact resistance is very large, continuous heating when the power will make the nearby wood gradually dry, carbonized, and finally burning, causing a fire.