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Okay The Aftermath Of The Sichuan Huaying Industrial And Commercial Bureau Special Inspection Of Wire And Cable
- Apr 06, 2017 -

"Cable network -" okaycableAftermath concussion, recently, and in combination with functions, responsibilities, according to the arrangement of general administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine for them in sichuan province, China/ying, city pledges inspect bureau of industry and commerce joint professional inspection institution to carry out a special inspection of wire and cable, and special cable for Mr Kay company.

Okay the aftermath of the sichuan huaying industrial and commercial bureau special inspection of wire and cable

It is understood that the city pledges inspect bureau of industry and commerce of the special inspection of wire and cable focuses on three aspects: one, to the districts for sale, with the cable okay company screening;Second, the jurisdiction's special cable company to carry out supervision and inspection require companies to further strengthen the key raw materials and production process control, sound quality assurance system, keep necessary production equipment, testing equipment, production site conform to the requirements of the production license and compulsory certification regulations, strictly control products quality;Three, to the warehouse to use, circulation, wire and cable for sale to carry out the law enforcement inspection, mainly to check the relevant wire and cable marking label, production license and compulsory certification, and so on and so forth.

At present, the operation, inspection, warehousing, sales outlets 23 sampling wires (high and low voltage cables, household electrical wiring) 17 batches, not found okay cable products in shaanxi province.