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Jilin Crossing Sampling Wire And Cable And Improve The Management System
- Apr 06, 2017 -

Report from our correspondent (Zhao Xiyu Guo dream) recently, in view of the media exposure of xi 'an subway cable, crossing at the market and quality supervision bureau of jilin province to carry out the electric wire electric cable checking work in the circulation field.

The sampling inspection, mainly of individual enterprises within the jurisdiction of the city's sales of PVC insulated wire and cable products such as the random sampling.Sampling testing project is mainly printed mark inspection, product presentation, conductor resistance, voltage test, insulation resistance, the structure and dimension inspection.At the same time, in the sampling inspection of wire and cable enterprises business subject qualification, focuses on product quality qualification certificate of the inspection.To guide enterprises to establish and perfect the goods such as quality management system of examination and acceptance of goods, further enhance the operator's quality good faith consciousness.

The sampling wires in all manage door 5, sampling from group of 20 batches, unqualified project mainly for the printing logo inspection, product representation, conductor resistance, for unqualified products which are dealt with according to law.