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How To Repair Local Defects Of Booster Cables Insulation Sheath
- Sep 28, 2017 -

How to repair local defects of booster cables insulation sheath

Daily use of booster cables  we will often encounter insulation rupture or partial flawed situation, then, encountered these problems should be how to solve it? Cable factory to teach you an easy to use method:

With a knife to repair the defect, and cut into 45 ° angle of the slope shape of the same size of the plastic block, on the repair area, with a pliers or a screwdriver fixed, and then use the hot air gun continuous welding, Tight, flattened. Welding plastic, pay attention to the torch hot air temperature should not be too high, so as not to repair plastic scorch. After repairing the defects by the spark machine test, do not breakdown for qualified.

With a knife in the plastic layer defect parts cut into 45 ° angle of the slope, to shape, color, thickness of the same plastic block or strip, with a pliers or a screwdriver fixed, the hot air gun welding gun, and then with copper , Pressed, flattened, and finally by the spark machine test, not breakdown for qualified.

The plastic defects with a knife flattened, with some of the same plastic strip in the hot air plastic welding torch filled with the role, and then with copper in the defect repair Department flattened, pressed, compaction, the spark machine test, no breakdown For qualified.

The main process of booster cables 

booster cables  through: drawing, twisting, coating three processes to complete, the more complex model specifications, the higher the repeatability.

1. Pull

In the metal pressure processing, the technical processing method of making the metal forced through the mold (pressing wheel) under the external force, the metal cross-sectional area is compressed and the required cross-sectional shape and size are obtained is called metal drawing.

Drawing process points: single wire drawing and drawing system.

2. Twisted

In order to improve the softness of the booster cables , the overall degree, so that more than two single lines, according to the provisions of the direction of intertwined together known as twisted.

Stranding process points: conductor twisted, into a cable, weaving, steel armor and winding.

3. Covered

According to the different performance requirements of booster cables , the use of special equipment in the conductor outside the coating of different materials. Coating process points:

A. Squeeze package: rubber, plastic, lead, aluminum and other materials.

B. Longitudinal bag: rubber, wrinkled aluminum material.

C. Wrapping: ribbon tape, mica tape, E-glass fiber belt, non-woven fabrics, plastic belt, etc., linear cotton yarn, silk and other fiber materials.

D. Dip coating: insulating paint, asphalt and so on