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How To Determine The Aging Of The Booster Cables In Time?
- Jun 15, 2017 -

  How to determine the aging of the booster cables in time?

  booster cables mainly by the outer layer of the foreskin insulation, a long time, by corrosive gas corrosion, insulation performance gradually reduced, slowly aging hardened, brittle or fall off, then no insulation. In fact, the most direct cause of the aging failure of the booster cable is the breakdown of insulation. Today's little series on a few strokes teach us how to determine whether the booster cable aging, timely inspection, to eliminate the hidden dangers.

  1. "Follow the appearance of the booster cables, and darken the hard cracks." Both hands bend line insulation, stiff cracked skin disperses. "means to observe the insulating layer along the wire, if the insulating layer appears to lose luster, darken, harden, crack and partial shedding." When bending insulated conductor with both hands, the conductor is stiff, even the insulating layer is cracked, and the insulating layer falls off, which indicates that the wire has already appeared different degrees of aging and severe aging.

  2. "Accurate method of measuring insulation, mega-Europe two." Rainy days can be small, the value of the small half. "refers to the more accurate judgment line insulation condition may use the insulating resistance meter to the electrical circuit to carry on the insulation measure."

  3, "The use of supercharged cables over the years, connectors, line old risk." Once a year check inspection, found that aging in time. "refers to the current number of homes used in the power line is more than 20 years ago or earlier when the construction of the building, booster cables insulation after a long period of use gradually loose aging will cause slight leakage, serious will cause a short circuit fire."

  4, "The life expectancy can be estimated according to the load and age." Environment, current two conditions, generally used 20 years. "refers to the length of the pressurization cable, depending on the quality of the booster cable and the environment of the booster cable installation."