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Fall In Love To Remind Cable How To Store
- Apr 06, 2017 -
Wire and cable, has certain guarantee, but also prone to aging, then ask us to pay more attention when stored at ordinary times,Shanghai oil resistant cableFriendship is a reminder that we need to pay attention to:

First, the eaves.Cables are not placed directly in the sunlight or under very high temperature, ordinary LAN cable can be used, it is recommended to use the pipe.

Second, outside the wall.Prevent sun direct illuminate metope and artificial damage.

Third, in the pipeline.As in the pipeline, pay attention to the damage of the plastic pipe and metal pipe of heat conduction.

Fourth, dangling application/aerial cable.Consider the prolapse and stress of the cable.Intends to use the way which bind?If cable is Yang high-temperature (flame retardant) power cable direct sunlight.

Fifth, the underground cable conduit laid directly, this kind of environment is the smallest of manipulation of the category.Cable conduit placement to regularly test the level of dry or wet.

Sixth, the underground pipeline.To facilitate future upgrades, cable replacement and isolation and surface pressure and the surrounding environment, auxiliary pipe isolated, auxiliary pipe is a good method.But don't hope that the pipe will always maintain dry, it will affect the choice of varieties of cable for.