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Emergency Plan For Booster Cables Fire Accident
- Jul 25, 2017 -

  Emergency plan for booster cables fire accident

  Emergency treatment:

  1 should be identified in time the fire booster cables belongs to the system and direction, adjust the mode of operation, and cut off the fire booster cables power;

  2. Set fire ribs on both sides of the fire area of the booster cables to delay and prevent the development of fire.

  3 · into the fire should be timely rescue personnel must wear positive pressure breathing apparatus or gas mask to prevent poisoning, suffocation, and avoid touching the conductive parts;

  4 · Into the booster cables and tunnel and other closed places Fire emergency rescue workers must be a group of two, wearing a positive pressure breathing apparatus, the time is not easy to enter too long, and fully set aside the withdrawal time required breathing apparatus Andulates

  5. booster cables fire priority use of dry powder fire extinguishers, if the fire can not be extinguished, booster cables , tunnel water fire, should ensure that the drainage system is normal.

  6 · booster cables , tunnel booster cables fire, fire equipment is insufficient, resulting in the moment the fire can not be completely controlled, the rescue personnel should be promptly evacuated, close the fire door, so that the flame suffocated;

  7. Fire-fighting rescue personnel in the fire to take the appropriate personal protective measures to prevent burns and burning toxic and harmful gases caused by poisoning, suffocation, and to prevent electric shock.