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Details Of Wire And Cable Flame Retardant Cable How To Choose
- Apr 06, 2017 -
Flame retardant cable, is refers to under specified test conditions, specimen was burning, after removed test of ignition, flame spread only in a limited range, or the flames burning residue in the finite cable to self extinguishing in the course of time.Fundamental characteristic is: in the case of a fire could be burn out and can not run, but can stop the fire from spreading.Informally, wire one thousand fire, can limit the combustion in the local scope, does not produce spread, hold on to the other all sorts of equipment, avoid to cause a greater loss.Shanghai fire retardant cableCompany friendship remind several aspects which should be paid attention to when choosing flame retardant cable.

The choice of ___________ cable models

When choosing wire and cable, want to consider to use, installation conditions and security;For example,

According to different purposes, the optional power cables, overhead insulated cables, control cables, etc.;

Depending on the installation conditions, can choose the general plastic insulated cables, steel tape armoured cable, steel wire armoured cable, anti-corrosion cable, etc.;

According to the security requirement, can choose not carbon fiber heating cable, flame-retardant cables, halogen-free flame retardant cable, fire-resistant cable, etc.

2. The choice of wire and cable specifications

Determine the use of wire and cable specifications (conductor cross section), the general should consider fever, voltage loss, economic current density, mechanical strength, etc. The selection criteria.

According to experience, low voltage power line because of the load current is bigger, so the general choice under heating conditions section first, and then calculating the voltage loss and mechanical strength;Low-pressure flare path because of its higher requirements on voltage level, can according to the first selection section allows the voltage loss condition, and then calculating the heating condition and mechanical strength;For high voltage line, according to economic current density first selection section, and then calculating the heating conditions and allow the voltage loss;And high voltage overhead line, should also check its mechanical strength.If the user does not have experience, should consult the opinions of the relevant professional units or persons.General selection of wire and cable specifications, see the table below:


1. The same specification aluminum conductor carrying capacity is about 0.7 times that of copper core selection of aluminum conductor is copper conductor is a specification, cross-linked polyethylene insulation can choose a small specifications, fire-resistant wire and cable, choose the larger size.

2) the calculation capacity is the three-phase 380 v, Cos phi = 0.85 as benchmark, if single-phase 220 v, Cos phi = 0.85, capacity should be by a third.

3. When the environment temperature is higher or the way of Ming fu, its safe carrying capacity would decline, at this time should be chosen large size;When used to frequent starting motor, should choose 2 ~ 3 specifications.

4) the PVC insulated wire according to single overhead laying methods of calculation, if wear pipe laying or root, should choose 2 ~ 3 specifications.