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Car Emergency Start Power Useful Provide Backup Power For Vehicles
- Apr 06, 2017 -

Car emergency start power can regard it as an expanded the function of charging treasure, the appearance of the automobile emergency start power and charging treasure nothing too big difference, even it's not A big gap between the capacity, the, small make up emergency start trial is car power supply 12 v battery capacity is 12000 mah, compared and charging treasure, it is the biggest difference can provide greater output current, common charging treasure generally only 1 A and 2.1 A.

Car emergency start power starting current biggest support 200 a - 400 - a

Electrical appliances in the startup current is larger than the normal working current, this is common sense, when the car started the instantaneous current can reach more than 200 amps, sometimes generally charge treasure is not such a big electric current, and there is no suitable supplement wire interface, so the car emergency start power supply and charging treasure still have very big distinction, car emergency start power can support the maximum current of 200 a - 400 - a.

We opened the emergency start power car shell, you can see the inside of the car emergency start power battery is not regular, 18650, is a big piece of lithium batteries, small make up to check some information to know the name of the lithium battery is called "high ratio power polymer batteries".A special interface line and start the car compared to other common line thick, this very thick line is under large current, the basis of this is the car emergency start difference between power supply and normal charging treasure.

Car emergency start power usage

Car emergency start power usage is simple, and the use of the common charging treasure, almost is the output of the USB interface into the battery holder.In the use of car emergency launch power, take the battery clip in the corresponding terminal, press the switch, plug, and then you can directly start the vehicle.