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Cable Shipment Inspection Chamber Pioneer Electric Power Wenbo Electricity
- Apr 06, 2017 -

On August 22, cable shipment inspection chamber in dunhuang wenbo super bao tram places - distribution of dunhuang centre for the performing arts center is nervous for electric power equipment acceptance, lack of work.

About dunhuang wenbo according to the provincial company, the company will keep electrical requirements, cable shipment inspection room elaborate organization, early deployment, transferred backbone cable and power distribution shipment inspection production, set up the electrical pioneers, broad shoulders, to participate in the distribution of dunhuang centre for the performing arts center in the electric power construction.In order to ensure the time limit for a project to finish, dunhuang centre for the performing arts center for the construction of the transformer room construction, installation, test, eliminating defects of commissioning and operation orderly changes frequently cross.

For dunhuang centre for the performing arts center substation electrical equipment parameter to keep the best state, to ensure that dunhuang wenbo will go smoothly, cable shipment inspection room staff for the Marketing Department, equipment management and the construction unit, earnestly implement the various safety technical measures, carry forward the spirits of particularly hardy and successive, days day and night at the scene of the work involved in the whole process equipment, equipment inspection and testing.Examined strictly in accordance with the standards in the process of work system, found the dc equipment and time for the switch device logic there is a major defect, immediately to the contractor and dunhuang bureau dispatching unit put forward rectification opinions and provide technical support, for the protection and safe operation of the secondary loop provides strong technical support.

22, at 5 a.m., dunhuang centre for the performing arts center with 10 kv for the switch device loading test is completed, all sorts of function test is correct.Completely solve the electricity projects of major technical problems.