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Booster Cables Products Manufacturing Process Characteristics
- Sep 28, 2017 -

booster cables products manufacturing process characteristics:

1. Large length continuous stacking production mode

Large-length continuous stacking combination of production methods, the impact of booster cables  production is global and control, which involves and affects:

(1) production process and equipment layout

Production workshop of various equipment must be reasonable according to the requirements of the product process emissions, so that the various stages of semi-finished products, followed by flow. Equipment configuration to consider the production efficiency of different production capacity balance, and some equipment may have to be configured two or more, in order to make the production capacity of the production line can be balanced. So that the rational selection of equipment combinations and production site layout, must be based on product and production to balance the comprehensive consideration.

(2) production organization and management

Production organization and management must be scientific and reasonable, careful and accurate, strict and meticulous, the operator must be meticulously according to the requirements of the implementation process, any one part of the problem, will affect the smooth process, affecting product quality and delivery. Especially multi-core cable, a pair of pairs or basic unit length is short, or quality problems, the whole cable will be length is not enough, resulting in scrapped. Conversely, if a unit is too long, it must be sawed to cause waste.

(3) quality management

Large length continuous stacking combination of production methods, so that any one part of the production process, instantaneous occurrence of a problem, it will affect the quality of the entire cable. The more the quality defects occur in the inner layer, and there is no timely detection of the termination of production, then the greater the loss caused. Because the production of booster cables  is different from the assembly of the product, you can open the reload and replace the parts; booster cables  of any part or process quality problems, this cable is almost irreversible and make up. After the deal is very negative, not a short cut is to deal with, or scrapped the entire cable. It can not be disassembled.

The quality management of booster cables  must run through the entire production process. Quality management inspection departments to the entire production process tour inspection, operator self-test, the next process mutual inspection, which is to ensure product quality and improve the economic benefits of an important guarantee and means.

2. Production of many categories of technology, material flow

booster cables  manufacturing involves a wide range of processes, from non-ferrous metal smelting and pressure processing, to plastics, rubber, paint and other chemical technology; fiber materials, wrapping, weaving and other textile technology, metal materials and metal strip The longitudinal package, welding metal forming process and so on.

booster cables  manufacturing used in a variety of materials, not only the type, variety, specifications, and the number of large. Therefore, the amount of various materials, spare parts, batch cycle and batch must be approved. At the same time, the decomposition of waste disposal, recycling, recycling and waste disposal, as an important part of management, good material quota management, attention to conservation work.

booster cables production, from raw materials and a variety of auxiliary materials into and out of storage, the process of semi-finished products to the product flow, factory, material flow, must be reasonable layout, dynamic management.

3. Special equipment and more

The use of booster cables  manufacturing with the characteristics of the industry's special production equipment to meet the cable product structure, performance requirements, to meet the large length of continuous and as high-speed production requirements, thus forming a cable manufacturing special equipment series. Such as extruder series, cable machine series, stranding machine series, around the package machine series.

booster cables  manufacturing process and the development of special equipment are closely related to each other to promote. New technology requirements, to promote the emergence and development of new special equipment; in turn, the development of new special equipment, but also to promote the promotion of new technology and application. Such as drawing, annealing, extrusion line; physical foam production lines and other special equipment to promote the booster cables  manufacturing process development and improve the cable to improve product quality and production efficiency.