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Booster Cable Fault Remediation
- Nov 01, 2017 -

booster cable is a carrier equipment, the work environment is harsh, always bear the corrosion, external challenges, in the event of an accident, will cause serious consequences, the following is a combination of booster cable market years of experience summed up the failure of remedial measures:

How many of the booster cables will be damaged during use, whether serious or not, how can repair be guaranteed? How to fix time to save? How can I save costs? These are important considerations for remediation of the booster cable.

In general, the booster cable construction site conditions are relatively poor, mostly in the power station construction site, the new railway construction site and the bridge, the plastic welding application in the booster cable sheathing repair area, the construction unit should be equipped with small generators to facilitate booster cable maintenance work smoothly. At the same time, in the field of easy maintenance, the quality of the plastic torch now provided should be very good. The nozzle has a large heating area and a fast heating rate. The damaged part of the booster cable is random, generally in the city and plain areas, this work is carried out smoothly, but in some mountains, due to the complex effects of terrain, booster cable maintenance work is very difficult. Therefore, to reduce costs and quickly solve the problem is a key issue in the booster cable laying process, the number of personnel must be sufficient, but also the use of regular lines and booster cable laying equipment to avoid damage to the booster cable jacket to reduce the booster cable in the construction process of failure The

booster cable on-site maintenance technology needs is not very high, the booster cable laying the construction unit in the booster cable damage, you must confirm the booster cable without damage under the premise, and then repair the booster cable, otherwise there is no practical booster cable sheath repair. booster cable maintenance must be timely, or a long time outside the moisture and moisture into, will affect the booster cable life. In the booster cable laying of the booster cable in the rainy weather after the end of the South because there is no time to be closed, resulting in water into the booster cable trench booster cable break 10-20 meters of inflow, insulated conductor found all black skin, resulting in a waste of power booster cable laying, booster cable laying This is to strengthen the corresponding inspection aspects, maintenance and storage, to prevent the booster cable in the field of power before the use of a variety of external factors and shorten the end of the booster cable life.