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Battery Cable Insulation Repair Problem Approach
- Aug 07, 2017 -

  Battery cable insulation repair problem approach

  Battery cable production in China is very impressive, the battery cable production is more cumbersome, production time is too long prone to failure, it is necessary to repair the insulation, and this issue has the relevant provisions of the country.

  General conventional repair method is the use of welding torch thermal repair method, this approach is simple and convenient and practical, the effect is also possible. But the repair of the local use of time is too long, it will produce insulation atrophy, underground cable will not play a moisture-proof role, overhead cell cable shrinkage will be more and more extension.

  There is another way is the cable middle head. This approach is very useful to protect the cable insulation layer, the product structure is mainly: to cover the entire cable damage, by heat treatment or cold treatment can quickly wrap the cable, so that the original cable with the desired effect. But this repair battery cable material than the ordinary repair method some of the more expensive, but the effect is very good. Especially in the cable laying cable damage to take the repair method.

  Battery cable repair method is probably these two, of course, there are temporary insulation tape can also be used to maintain, but only a moment of emergency measures. In the original production process, the relevant national standards without the written consent of the user can not repair the insulation. Battery cable outer insulation repair advantages and disadvantages, of course, certainly is the original production is not good repair.